Nicki Needham

Eclectic Singer-Songwriter

July 6, 2022
7-10 pm
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Nicki Needham

Welcoming back Nicki Needham to The Ruins! Wednesday, July 6, 2022, 7-10pm. No cover!

About Nicki Needham

As we pass through this existence, nothing becomes more valuable than the ability to re-build from the wreckage. To not take the pitfalls as absolutes, but an opportunity to pivot. As its root that is what Nicki Needham's music is meant to remind us. Earnest lyrics backed by a swinging accompaniment explore a robust tale of her personal history and influences. Her style reflects a wide imprint of southern Americana passed down from both sides of the family tree. However, the courage to cultivate meaning out of a chaos goes much deeper than musical tradition can handle. It takes a bold choice, every day, to be vulnerable; to let open wounds glisten in the sunlight. Somewhere, someone needs the reminder that their scars are not a burden, but a badge to symbolize that they made it this far.

Learn more about Nicki here.

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